joi, 22 septembrie 2011

Little update

Whoa, it's been almost a month since my last post. O.O

Since arriving here, we have found a place to rent, only to move out not even a week later because the landlord was an ass. We moved into a very dirty house when we were promised to have it professionally cleaned by the moving date,  then had her complain about me leaving the water running while I was cleaning the house myself. Also, the house was so cold that we were freezing in the middle of August, and to top it off, the shower didn't have hot water, but lukewarm. Freezing house+lukewarm water in the shower, not the best combination. The central heating didn't work and she told us that she wasn't going to do anything about it until the end of November. And the cherry on top, she came by the house one day, and it just so happened that I had some things in the washing machine, so she decided to stop it in the middle of the washing cycle, just to count my clothes. :| :| JESUS!

Anyway, our friend was kind enough to let us stay with him until we found another place to rent, and now we have a new home. Better, cleaner, cheaper, and closer to our friends ^^. If there's one thing I always believed in, is that everything happens for a reason. So far in my life, this turned out to be very true.

Also, in the last month, my internship turned into a full time job, so I'm very excited about that ^^.
I'm working 10-11 hours a day though. Add another 2 and a half hours of commute and you haven't got much  time left. This is why I haven't been posting in a while. I'm working only 5 days a week though, so fingers crossed, I will be able to post at least once a week.

Things are slowly starting to fall together nicely. Hopefully it will get even better in time.
So far, London is pretty cool. We haven't been able to see much of it though because of my job, but we are slowly trying to work on that. Tomorrow, we're going to visit the Natural History Museum, and I'm very excited about it ^^.

Well, that's about it really. Hopefully I won't be absent so long any more.

Hope you're all well!