duminică, 23 octombrie 2011

It is here!!!

Since arriving in London, my skin has been really bad.
I'm not blaming the city, only myself, for not having the time to care for it like I used to. I don't even know what a face mask is any more. Bad, I know.

But I finally decided to do something about it, and what better way of caring for your skin than making sure it's properly looked after at the end of a hard working day?
So to help me, I placed an order for this baby:

Yes, I got a Clarisonic Mia! Woop!

I know you know what it is, so I'm not gonna bother talking about that. 
Basically it's a device that helps you remove all the dirt and impurities off your face at the end of the night.
Just in case you need more info about it, I recommend visiting their website.

It costs a whopping £120 on Amazon, but considering the fact that I've been wanting it for a long time and I 've done a lot of research on it and know it does it's job, I think it will be money well invested. 

Mine came in just 2 days and it was bundled up in bubble wrap, not to be harmed.  
The packaging is pretty nice and simple, no big fuss. Which I really like.  

It also comes with it's own mini cleanser, which I tried only once and didn't really like. I think it's because it doesn't make any foam, and I don't feel like it's cleansing my skin as it should be. 

The brush head on the Mia is the sensitive one, which is fine for me. 

It's not too rough on my skin, but at the same time, I do feel it working. 

But basically I've had my Mia for a bit over a week now and so far, so good. 
I did notice my skin was softer and more hydrated  after using it, and I do think that it helps with the way your skin absorbs products. 
Right before I started using it, I had some dry patches and they were gone in 2 days. 
Another thing that I noticed is that it helps heal breakouts and stops them from scarring. 

I know I've had it for a short period of time, but so far, I don't regret spending my money on it.
I am planning on making a more thorough review after using it for a while.

However,  I'm dealing with dry skin and patches once again, but I don't think it has anything to do with the Clarisonic.  I've just switched to a different cleansing milk, one from Johnson's.  The first time I used it, it really stung my face,   and within 48 hours my face started to get really dry and flaky.  So tomorrow I'm going to get another cleansing lotion and pray that my skin will get better. 
If something, I hope the Clarisonic Mia will help me solve this problem faster, as it is really annoying. 

I will keep you posted on my journey with the Clarisonic. 
Right now, I'm pretty optimistic about this whole thing. And if this doesn't help, I don't know what will. 

Hope you're all well ^^

joi, 22 septembrie 2011

Little update

Whoa, it's been almost a month since my last post. O.O

Since arriving here, we have found a place to rent, only to move out not even a week later because the landlord was an ass. We moved into a very dirty house when we were promised to have it professionally cleaned by the moving date,  then had her complain about me leaving the water running while I was cleaning the house myself. Also, the house was so cold that we were freezing in the middle of August, and to top it off, the shower didn't have hot water, but lukewarm. Freezing house+lukewarm water in the shower, not the best combination. The central heating didn't work and she told us that she wasn't going to do anything about it until the end of November. And the cherry on top, she came by the house one day, and it just so happened that I had some things in the washing machine, so she decided to stop it in the middle of the washing cycle, just to count my clothes. :| :| JESUS!

Anyway, our friend was kind enough to let us stay with him until we found another place to rent, and now we have a new home. Better, cleaner, cheaper, and closer to our friends ^^. If there's one thing I always believed in, is that everything happens for a reason. So far in my life, this turned out to be very true.

Also, in the last month, my internship turned into a full time job, so I'm very excited about that ^^.
I'm working 10-11 hours a day though. Add another 2 and a half hours of commute and you haven't got much  time left. This is why I haven't been posting in a while. I'm working only 5 days a week though, so fingers crossed, I will be able to post at least once a week.

Things are slowly starting to fall together nicely. Hopefully it will get even better in time.
So far, London is pretty cool. We haven't been able to see much of it though because of my job, but we are slowly trying to work on that. Tomorrow, we're going to visit the Natural History Museum, and I'm very excited about it ^^.

Well, that's about it really. Hopefully I won't be absent so long any more.

Hope you're all well!

sâmbătă, 27 august 2011

Notd: Perfect Nude

I'm not even gonna bother trying to make excuses for my lack of posts. It's been a hectic period, still is, especially now that I started an internship as well. Eh, I'm hoping everything will flow nicely in about a month or so.
But look at me, making excuses xD

Moving on to more interesting things, I wanna show you my latest obsession: a nude Ciate nail polish that came with the Marie Claire magazine. ^^ Yay for freebies, especially when they are really good products.

What I'm most impressed about is the fact that it's not a sample, but a full size product, which normally would cost £9. The Marie Claire September issue was only £3.99. Bargain!

It came in 2 shades, a lovely purple and this perfect nude. The one I got is My Fair Lady, and I'm currently obsessed with it. I can honestly say this is the best nude nail polish I've tried so far, as far as the shade goes. And how cute is that packaging? ^^

Ain't it gorgeous? For my skin color, which is very pale, it's the perfect match. You almost can't even tell that I'm wearing a nail polish and not just a simple top coat.
It stayed on the nails pretty nicely, and I didn't even have to use a clear coat over it. The only minor downfall is the fact that it's kinda sheer, I had to put on 3 layers to give it this opaque look.
Still, I love it. Too bad it's so expensive and I won't purchase it anytime soon. It will definitely be missed when I run out.

Another thing I got with the magazine is a pretty generous sample of the new Dove Intensive Repair conditioner. There are two new conditioners, I got the Instant Deep Nourishment one. I doubt they can be found in Romania right now, but I think it's something to look out for, because they're pretty amazing. Well, at least the one I tried is. I normally don't care for conditioners, and I tend to use a hair mask every time I wash my hair, because, the way I see it, a conditioner is for detangling purposes only, while the mask does the same thing and nourishes the hair at the same time. But I must confess, after using this conditioner, my hair actually felt hydrated from the inside, if that makes sense, without feeling heavy or greasy, or flat.
I'm pretty sure I'm going to go out and get the full size product these days, because as far as conditioners go, this is one of the best I tried so far. ^^

This ends my ramble for tonight. 
I hope you're all well, and to distract you from my lack of posts, I present to you, the swift kitty ^^

Cyaa ^^

vineri, 19 august 2011

My very first UK haul ^^

Hey hey!
I know it's been a while since my last post, but we've been busy trying to find a place to rent. And we did ^^. We're moving in on Monday, so until then, we're staying at our friend's house.

But enough about that. Let me show you what I got in Boots :D

I know it's a mini haul, but the truth is I can't afford much right now, and I don't really need anything in particular either, since I stocked up before I left home.

First comes the product I was most excited about, the Sally Hansen Gel Cuticle Remover (£6.38). I used it only once, but honestly, I think my expectations were too high. I mean it's an okay product, it does its job, but I'm not in love with it. I think I'm gonna try to find another one after I'm finished with it, just to see how other products work. 

Vaseline!! I've been dreaming about this line for a while now. 
I got the Lip Therapy Rosy Lips for £1.99. I must say, I'm really liking it. It has a subtle rose smell (and taste too ^.^), it feels very light on the lips, it's non sticky and it's really hydrating. And at 20g a pot, I think I'm gonna have it for a long time, since you don't need to use too much.

Now this is a product I actually needed, since my Flormar one sucks. First off, its pretty cheap (£4.19) and I quite like it. It covers up dark circles and blemishes nicely, not great, but definitely worth the price. I got it in the shade 02, Light, but I think I should have gone for the first shade (yes, I am that pale). Oh well, it's still usable :).

Now this I got just out of pure curiosity. I've seen so many girls on Youtube using it, and I had to see what all the fuss was about. Honestly, I don't really need a dry shampoo, since I'm washing my hair every 2 days so it doesn't really get the chance to become oily, but I thought it would give some much needed volume to my second day hair. I know I could just use hairspray, but I wanted to see if this has kind of the same effect, since the girl in the ad had a lot of volume after using it. 
I got the travel size, just in case I don't like it, and it was on sale for only £1. Didn't really get the chance to use it, so I don't know if it's any good. I'll keep you posted on that. 

So this was it. 
Since it was my first time in a Boots store, I must say I'm really impressed. Everything is in order, and there's always a member of the staff available if you have any questions. Actually, this is the way things work in pretty much every store around here. People are very nice and polite, willing to help you without making you feel uncomfortable. It may sound funny that I'm impressed about something that is so common, but back home in Romania, people are very different and the service everywhere is pretty bad. They always manage to make you feel awkward about having the nerve to bother them, meanwhile here they're grateful for having you as a client. 

Oh well, this completes my ramble. I'm going to try to post as often as I can, but since I'm in the process of moving and all, while still getting to know the city, you'll just have to bear with me for a little longer. 
Thanks for sticking by though ^^

Have a lovely weekend!

duminică, 14 august 2011

Wish list

Hey from London! ^^

Now that we're here, I think it's only fair that I should post my wish list....because I've been dreaming about some of the products that can be found here for a while now. I'm so excited ^^

First off, the Sally Hansen Gel Cuticle Remover :D. I wanted the Instant Cuticle Remover, but I couldn't find it on their uk website at the product listing so I'm guessing it's not available here. O well, I think this would work just fine.

I've heard so many great things about this concealer from girls on Youtube, I just knew I had to have it as soon as I got here. I think it's the product I'm most excited about :D.

Now that I won't be able to get my Farmec one, I need to find a new eye makeup remover, and this one can be found in any Boots store across the Uk. Also, I did see some good reviews on it, and for 3 pounds, why not try it?

Of course I had to include a Vaseline product on my list! I thought I'd start off with a lip product and work my way up from there :D. I'm really excited about this one as well.

The whole Uk beauty blogosphere is raving about this cleanser and I must admit I really want to try it. Maybe not now because I don't think I can afford it, but later on it's gonna be on the top of my list!

Another miracle product that people love :D. It's supposed to give you perfect looking legs and I'm very curious about the outcome. You can read more about it here.

This is my list so far. Of course I want more things but these are the ones I can think of right now. 
I'm also going to try and find a nice pair of brogues and maybe add some Soap & Glory products to my list as well. 

Well, time for me to go out and explore the city. 
Later girls!