sâmbătă, 27 august 2011

Notd: Perfect Nude

I'm not even gonna bother trying to make excuses for my lack of posts. It's been a hectic period, still is, especially now that I started an internship as well. Eh, I'm hoping everything will flow nicely in about a month or so.
But look at me, making excuses xD

Moving on to more interesting things, I wanna show you my latest obsession: a nude Ciate nail polish that came with the Marie Claire magazine. ^^ Yay for freebies, especially when they are really good products.

What I'm most impressed about is the fact that it's not a sample, but a full size product, which normally would cost £9. The Marie Claire September issue was only £3.99. Bargain!

It came in 2 shades, a lovely purple and this perfect nude. The one I got is My Fair Lady, and I'm currently obsessed with it. I can honestly say this is the best nude nail polish I've tried so far, as far as the shade goes. And how cute is that packaging? ^^

Ain't it gorgeous? For my skin color, which is very pale, it's the perfect match. You almost can't even tell that I'm wearing a nail polish and not just a simple top coat.
It stayed on the nails pretty nicely, and I didn't even have to use a clear coat over it. The only minor downfall is the fact that it's kinda sheer, I had to put on 3 layers to give it this opaque look.
Still, I love it. Too bad it's so expensive and I won't purchase it anytime soon. It will definitely be missed when I run out.

Another thing I got with the magazine is a pretty generous sample of the new Dove Intensive Repair conditioner. There are two new conditioners, I got the Instant Deep Nourishment one. I doubt they can be found in Romania right now, but I think it's something to look out for, because they're pretty amazing. Well, at least the one I tried is. I normally don't care for conditioners, and I tend to use a hair mask every time I wash my hair, because, the way I see it, a conditioner is for detangling purposes only, while the mask does the same thing and nourishes the hair at the same time. But I must confess, after using this conditioner, my hair actually felt hydrated from the inside, if that makes sense, without feeling heavy or greasy, or flat.
I'm pretty sure I'm going to go out and get the full size product these days, because as far as conditioners go, this is one of the best I tried so far. ^^

This ends my ramble for tonight. 
I hope you're all well, and to distract you from my lack of posts, I present to you, the swift kitty ^^

Cyaa ^^

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  1. Ahh...I want that nail polish too ;_; But they don't give out such nice presents with our magazines...Bah!

  2. yah, nu se compara cadourile de la reviste din romania cu cele de aici....mai am de scris despre alt cadou si mai amazing, doar ca n-am apucat sa fac poze yet ><

  3. pff i am soo jealous :)) noua nici macar farduri ruby rose nu ne pun cu revistele:-j